The Centre

The First Stop English Academy and Bookshop is located in Pontevedra, with access from Rúa Alcalde Hevia and Rúa Manuel Leiras Pulpeiro. The space is divided into various sections, which can be viewed below…

The Bookshop

The Bookshop contains a wide selection of books and games in English for children and adults of all levels. We specialise in games from Orchard Toys and books from Usborne.

The Playroom

A wide open space for groups with young children to move around, and also for older kids and adults to improve their English through song and the performing arts.

The Conversation Pit

The Conversation Pit is a place where adults can sit and relax and improve their English just by chatting. Come here for informal chats, reading clubs and maybe a coffee.

The Classrooms

Classrooms have a maximum of six students per group, and sit together in a semi-circle facing the teacher to promote teamwork and improve face-to-face communication.