Different Ways To Learn

Our centre is divided into three main parts, each focused on a different way to learn English.


Classrooms hold a maximum of six students per group, with seating arranged to encourage teamwork and communication.


A big space for groups with small children to run around in, and for older kids and adults to sing and perform.


A place to buy books and games in English, for readers of all ages and levels, and includes a conversation zone.

Latest Articles

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Mundo Nenos 2018

This year, we decided to put a display together for the Mundo Nenos in the Recinto Feiral in Pontevedra. We were not the only academy there, but we were the only bookshop, and our display Read more…


Press Release

As part of our commitment to Mundo Nenos 2018, we had to put together a press release. Written by Vic (in Spanish, believe it or not), the aim was to find a balance between publicity Read more…

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